Saturday Night Beer and Dice

Second Session
Ancient dungeon... goblins... grey oozes, bugbears & necromancer goblins oh my!
Recap from previous session:
  • Lost trail of goblins
  • Stumbled into Den of Bears – Killed bears – win
Adventurer’s Log – 02/06
  • 12:00 pm

We’re in the bear cave trying to pick up the trail of the goblins we lost. We managed to find remnants of it heading westward after some searching. After walking the trail for some time, they eventually begin to converge and show greater signs of activity. The forest begins to thin out as the tracks lead to an old excavation. An ancient door juts out from a mound of earth. On both sides of the door are two columns. This is clearly older construction.

  • 1:00 pm

We planned our approach through the shrubbery located in front of the structure. As we moved closer, we observed shafts of light escaping through a crack at the base of the door. Unconcerned, we continued to move forward.

As we neared the entrance, the doors burst open. A foul stench filled the air as goblins and zombie-like hounds poured through the portal. Frunc, with his ninja-like skills, slipped into a nearby bush noticed. Followed by the warriors, skirmishers, and hounds emerged a priest, who would be our primary focus.

Pools of blood, mostly ours, seeped into the ground. Galt was immediately immobilized by the priest leaving Aelar open to a major beating without his resident meat shield. After falling in battle, the group refocused and Bezo disposed quickly of the priest. Gallt followed shortly after by dismissing two of the hounds to the underworld. Aelar, in his god-like fashion, was recovered from his wounds and quickly rejoined the skirmish. The remaining foes were ended swiftly.

  • 2:00

After the tiresome battle, we rested and healed up to prepare for our trip into the dungeon. We examined the bodies, searched for clues, looted, and approached the door. The door was already ajar from the foul beasts emerging so we peeked inside. Inside, the stonework resembled the the doors entering the mound, with similar architectural features. Much of the passage was collapsed. A set of curtain hung in the passage to the north, obstructing our view. A well-sealed door was located in the western passage. After exploring the living quarters behind the curtain, finding nothing of value, we approached the door to the west and listened.

Behind the door was mainly collapsed rubble, assorted furniture, and a chest. Within the chest we discovered gold, silver, and two items of greater value. The potion of healing was given to Aelar to ward off the inevitable beating that would follow. Gallt was given a cloak with magical properties.

  • 2:30

After further exploration, we located a collapsed passage. The passage became progressively more difficult to traverse, allowing only those midget-like folk to move with minimal discomfort. At the far end was a door tightly sealed by the collapse. With some crafty maneuvers, we managed to break down the door. Inside was an ancient chamber, walls made of indigenous gray rock. In the center was a dais surrounded by two columns. On the dais stood a statue of a tall humanoid. We were unable to determine any religious or historical significance. After some searching, the base of the statue revealed a hidden compartment. Inside was a gem worth 100gp.

*Still working on this – soryy….

First Session
Where we begin...

Wayrest… talk… walk… kill… track… bear…

Adventure Prologue
Background Information

Various circumstances have led all five characters to arrive in the small village of Wayrest within days of one another. Upon arriving in town you have discovered a rather depressing set of circumstances which has left the town in a sorry state of affairs. The town guard has stood down following the disappearance of the leader of the guard and it’s replacement by a band of eastern mercenaries, Ghull’s Griffons. The Griffons are taxing the town to ruin while extorting passing caravans for protection money. The small caravans have been growing less and less frequent due to both the extortion payments as well as bandit raids supposedly orchestrated by an Ogre chief. The small caravans seem most hard hit and it is these caravans that Wayrest relied most upon to fuel their economy.


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