Rolling Dice & Drinking Beer!

Let’s get this started. Everyone please go to the Character tab and enter in your player. You can add as much as you’d like, and if nothing else, at least put some basic info in now (like your name, class, level etc) and then you can add to it later. Any information you enter on that tab should be considered public knowledge. Also, I added a first entry into the Adventure Log tab. Take a look at that, and then between Ryan & Chris maybe we can get 2 more entries up, one for each session. Ryan I think had the best notes for the first session and Chris took notes the second night. Anyone can edit the entries once they are made as well, so everyone feel free to contribute. I’ve made dummy entries for the first 2 session, guys just go in and edit them (by clicking the little pencil & paper icon next to each entry) to fill out the information…

Saturday Night Beer and Dice

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